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In AG, we provide collateral, asset and risk management
services and specialize in inventory custody and control.

Our experienced, strong shareholders,
the support from worldwide insurance companies and
a team of qualified professionals allow us to offer solid,
reliable services that make a difference.

Our History

We are a privately owned Argentine company, in constant development. The main activity we have is the issuing of Warrants and Certificates of Deposit.

By combining know-how, automation, process standardization and a team of professionals experienced in the region, plus a large network of inspectors, we can offer a reliable service all over Argentina.

All our processes and procedures are ISO 9001: 2015 certified by Bureau Veritas Certification.


We have a broad network of inspectors, who are selected under three basic principles: honesty, qualifications, proximity to the assets to control.

Quality Policy

In AG Warrants, we are engaged in collateral, asset and risk management.
We specialize in inventory control, auditing, monitoring and custody.
We have the same objectives as our clients: asset protection and preservation.

Our commitment our compliance with the applicable requirements, efficient management, plus our fulfillment and continuous of the processes ensure our clients´ satisfaction.

Tomás LLambí Campbell

ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate

Our Strengths

  • A committed team with broad experience in the field.
  • Support by major insurance companies.
  • Access to non-traditional financing sources.
  • Strict fulfillment of all processes and specific procedures.
  • Full satisfaction of our portfolio.
  • Fast and speedy operations.

Our clients

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Warrants and certificates of deposit

We are authorized by the Argentine Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food Administration (SAGPyA, according to the acronym in Spanish) to issue warrants and certificates of deposit.

The process to issue a warrant and a certificate of deposit has two stages: risk analysis (before issuance) and risk management (after issuance of the security).

These are some of the processes involved:

  • Research of the sector and specific analysis of the depositor
  • Deposit: authorization and qualifications
  • Products: samples to ensure commercial quality
  • Loan for use: identification with signs and precincts
  • Insurance: specific coverage
  • Issuance of warrants and certificates of deposit
  • Regular inspections
  • Substitutions and releases

LAW 9643

Financial Engineering

We have a team specialized in financial structures. We are an alternative access channel to the financial market.

Our network is composed of, among others, local and foreign banks, institutional investors through capital markets, investment funds and hedge funds.

Inventory Auditing

We offer inventory auditing, monitoring and control for major nationwide farming and agricultural companies.

Collateral Management Agreement

Our services include trust services and ad hoc collateral management agreements based on the needs of our clients.


Commercial Warrant

By scheduling your logistics and ensuring supply, you can obtain commercial and operating benefits.

Used by major agricultural companies nationwide, the certificate of deposit aims to keep the ownership of the goods stored in third-party deposits (without taking space of their own) and to ensure the supply of raw material for their production and commercial processes.

Financial Warrant

Monetize your inventories. We are an access channel to the financing.

A warrant is a security used mainly by medium and large businesses —with significantly seasonal activities— used to meet the needs of the working capital.

Your business can take commercial and logistic advantages —and you will not need to dispose of your inventories— offering the financial creditor a strong and safe tool for asset protection.

Contact us


Santa Fe 1592 5 "i"

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires Argentina

Telephone: +54 11 5365 8040